Commit to no direct heat:

✅   No Blow  Dryers 

✅   No Curling Irons 

✅   No Flat Irons 

for 90 DAYS starting today!

Your hair is a reflection of your overall health. Excessive use of 

heat can cause:


  • Damaged Hair

  • Dry/Brittle Hair

  • ​Excessive Shedding

  • ​Hair Loss Due to Thinning

Are you ready to love your hair ?

If your hair is dry damaged, brittle, or you are experiencing excessive shedding hair loss or thinning read on:

Can I reverse heat damage to my hair?

The short answer is NO! Heat damage cannot be fixed. The hair is damaged and the only option is to cut it off. You can apply a deep conditoner to the hair to make it feel softer but heat damage is irreversible.   Avoiding heat for a period of time or stopping altogether allows your hair to begin its recovery from dryness or damage. 

My hair is always dry no matter what I do, is there a solution to dryness?

The key to fixing dryness is keeping hair properly moisturized as part of your healthy hair regimen. 

I shed a lot how can i fix this?

Shedding can be the result of several factors. First, identify the problem. Is it normal or abnormal shedding. Next incorporate a healthy, documented hair regimen and use of the proper products into your self care routine. The proper regimen can remedy excessive shedding. 

Acceralate your Hair recovery

True hair recovery and health comes with an ongoing hair regimen and products created to help help you on your hair journey.


Join the 90 Day No Heat Challenge and we will guide you through your journey and help you prevent future hair damage. 

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