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TRU  Balance hair care is a luxe hair care line that focuses on the health of scalp, hair and maintenance routines that establishes  self care. We use natural ingredients that  help women  manage, maintain and care for their hair.

Our mission at TRU-Balance Hair Care is to help you look and be the best version of you every day.

Our entire philosophy stands behind the idea that nature provides ALL of the necessary ingredients for excellent hair care. By sourcing only the purest botanicals, TRU-Balance products provides safe ingredients that are gentle, impactful and effective for all hair textures.

TRU Balance Hair Care founder, Tracy Brown, is  a


Licensed Cosmetologist, Certified Licensed Trichologist, &

Hair Loss Specialist, created the TRU-Balance Hair Care


Brand of products to help women discover their natural


beauty to maintain and restore healthy hair.


Co-Founder Keinya Beasley, is a international  educator


that has traveled the world teaching professionals about


proper hair care and styling. Her expertise has been


featured on Discovery Channel, OPRAH Winfrey Show,


and many other media outlets. Her desire to empower and


inspire women to TRU-Ly love themselves is at the heart of


TRU Balance Hair Care.

Tracy and Keinya have been professional licensed hair

stylists for a combined 45 years. As salon owners, beauty school owners, international educators, and community leaders, they have seen it all!

Why TRU Balance Hair Ca

Developed as a Luxe line, TRU Balance Hair Care focus  on high quality ingredients and potency has been essential to our incredible results . Our products are not "watered down" and you will not see a long list of ingredients used as buffers. Regardless of hair texture, our products are intended to stimulate hair growth, repair damage, and strengthen your hair.  By infusing natural oils, minerals, and herbal extracts into hair follicles our products help control frizz, tackle dryness, breakage, preserve moisture, and cultivate the overall condition of your hair and scalp to make your hair remarkably manageable.


These are just some of the many benefits gained by using TRU-Balance Hair Care product. 


We want only  the best for our customers.

More importantly, we stand by our products and have seen proven results.

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