Hello Bentonite Clay

A combination of zinc, peppermint, and bentonite clay heals the scalp while conditioning and softening hair.


What it Does

Bentonite clay deeply cleanses the scalp, removing dead skin cells, product buildup and toxins while strengthening hair.


It helps reduce hair loss by clarifying the hair follicles allowing them to absorb more moisture, encouraging thicker, healthier hair growth.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Restored My Edges

Tru Balance Hair Care is by far the BEST product I’ve used and I’ve used tons of different hair care products. It’s done wonders for my hair. The foam is a must if you're wearing your hair naturally curly. It’s give me the perfect curl pattern without the sticky feeling. The shampoo and conditioner smells awesome and leaves your hair feeling soft and strong. You MUST try Tru Balance Hair Care products. TRUST ME!



How it Works


Step 1

Start with Step 1, cleanse and balance.  This step ensures a healthy foundation. 


Step 2

Condition with the bentonite clay hair mask for a healthy scalp, and soft hair.


Step 3

This step helps with maintaining a healthy scalp every day.  Use after Step 2

The Zinc, Peppermint, and Bentonite Clay System is designed to help with many scalp problems.  With its active ingredient, bentonite clay, it works best together but can be used individually.

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