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It is very common for women over 40 years old to experience hair thinning; as you get older, your hair usually gets weaker. Therefore, the rate of hair growth begins to decrease.

But what if we told you that there are ways to fight against hair loss and restore your hair’s strength?

Don’t lose hope, We got you covered!


Your hair is a reflection of your overall health. If it’s dry, brittle or if you’re experiencing excess shedding or hair loss, it’s an indication that something is off balance. 

It could be nutritional or hormonal. For example, iron deficiency or hyperthyroidism can both cause hair loss.

Your body will take needed nutrients from the skin and hair to support your more vital organs. To ensure there’s an abundance of nutrients for strong, healthy hair, focus on feeding your hair from the inside. Drink plenty of water, eat a well-balanced diet, take a multivitamin, and exercise regularly for your healthiest hair.

If you have notice any signs of hair loss or thinning, you may want to read these 5 important action steps.


the ponytail analysis: does this look familiar?

Hair Density Declines

Losing your hair can be stressful and embarrassing. This is why its important to start your hair and scalp restoration process NOW.

The most important and frequently neglected parts of hair loss is the scalp. Your scalp can be easy to overlook, and that's where the all-important follicles are literally rooted. Reduced blood flow, poor follicle nutrition, skin conditions, and even residue from hair products can all prevent new hair from growing to its potential. .

Over time (and age) you may begin to see a decrease in your Hair Density. Hair Density refers to the amount of hair you have per square inch. This measurement is higher when you are your teens to late 20's but begins to naturally decline for most in the mid to late thirties. If you consider the hair density of your pony tail at a younger age (teens), you may have noticed a "thicker" diameter.

This is no surprise, and is natural for most. The buildup of DHT and lowering of estrogen may be a factor and must be considered.

There are other circumstances that may effect the decline of density like medications, surgery, stress, smoking, diet, postpartum, breastfeeding, etc.


Scalp checks should be one of your first priorities. That's why scalp care is part of every hair care system we created. It doesn't matter if you're working to keep / maintain your growing hair, to reverse early thinning, or to preserve the look of hair replacement. Having a healthy scalp can only improve the overall look of your hair. 

we will guide you through your journey

and help you find out why you are losing your hair

and how to prevent future hair fall 









Hair Growth Rate Slows

Hair growth rate slows at midlife and beyond—it spends less time in the growth phase and more in the resting phase, which means it will grow more slowly, and won't be able to grow as long as it once did.

The fix:  GOOD NEWS! Follicle Booster extends the hair growth cycle (Anagen phase) and can increase hair density up to 35%.

TRU BALANCE HAIR CARE Follicle Booster can make your hair stay in the Anagen Phase longer and grow faster. The natural ingredients in follicle booster

Knowing and understanding  your Hair Growth Cycle is important in achieving  your optimal scalp and hair goals. TRU Balance Hair Care Follicle Booster is ONE of the Products from the TRU Balance Hair Care Recovery System that helps your follicle remain in the ANAGEN/GROWING Phase. Follicle booster helps reverse the process of miniaturization and stimulates the hair follicle creating fuller denser hair. 

Loss of Hair Strength & Elasticity

The cells that form your hair's protective outer cuticle become more fragile, and a drop in keratin protein levels leaves the hair weaker and less elastic so it'll snap, rather than bounce back, when pulled or stressed. Healthy hair has a high level of elasticity, which gives it body, bounce and curl formation. Elasticity makes it possible to style hair and also is responsible for curl retention. 

It is essential to retain hair strength and elasticity with natural products that maintains hair protein and elasticity. The fix: Use TRU Balance Smoothie with Pro Vitamin B5 and Keratin Protein. For more severe damage hair also use TRU Balance Hair Liquid Revitalize Vitamin Mist.

When heat styling use hot tools on their lowest settings.


 Hair Diameter Decreases

Again, 40 is the magic number. After that, the thickness of individual pigmented strands decreases, so it's finer overall. Follicle Minimization is a term that travels through the hair loss world. Scalp care , proper diet, supplements and topical use of products that assist in the reduction of DHT helps. Begin to use the proper gentle cleansers and conditioners that nourish and detoxes the hair follicle and scalp. Build the hair strand by using products that support hair width.

The fix: Use a protein-containing styling products that support the hair like TRU Balance Hair Care Tropical Delight Shampoo and Conditioner, it contains natural DHT blockers, and TRU Balance Hair Care RE-Vitalize Liquid Vitamin Mist, a leave-in treatment that coats strands with keratin proteins.

Time to Get Expert Guidance and Begin Your Regimen

It's important to keep in mind that you won't have to make any decisions on your own For your one-on-one consultation with a dedicated hair-loss specialist. Book your consultation appointment time Hair Loss Prevention is a way of life and it's a big part of the culture that we create. Part of our responsibility is to share with you the things that you can do at home to get the best results from your naturally growing hair. Understanding how hair loss works and how hair grows enables you to intervene and control the things that are genuinely in your hands.


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